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Wrestling is the world's oldest sport. In Arkansas, it's the newest.

Follow the University of Arkansas at Little Rock as it starts up a brand new sport in a place that hasn't seen major college wrestling in half a century. Rocked up follows the fledgling wrestling program as it begins from scratch with a start date of November 2019.

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Jun 28, 2019

First, Best or Different - How Ouachita Baptist paved the way for college wrestling in Arkansas

This entire series has been telling you one story to set up another. On Episode 3, we look back at the impact of the first college wrestling program in Arkansas in nearly 50 years, Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Ouachita Baptist started wrestling in 2010. The nearest opponent within Division II was six hours west in Oklahoma. We meet with Rex Horne, then the President of OBU, to find out why his university was the place to start and the impact recurring figures Greg Hatcher and Mike Moyer had in the process.

Moyer, Executive Director of the NWCA, explains the broader plan for college wrestling and how Ouachita Baptist was a crucial step to allow more schools to start the sport at the college level in Arkansas.

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